When is air conditioning service necessary?

The air conditioning not only ensures a cool head on hot days, but also prevents fogging on the windows in winter and on rainy days. In addition, the air conditioning, together with the cabin filter, ensures fresh air all year round – and thus also protects allergy sufferers in particular, which many drivers are not aware of.

Due to the natural loss of refrigerant and the colonization of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms, car air conditioning systems must be regularly serviced and disinfected.

Numerous car manufacturers, ACE Auto Club Europa and DAW Malloca S.L. We therefore recommend using an air conditioning service once a year, including air conditioning disinfection, air conditioning inspection and changing the cabin filter.

Air conditioning maintenance only with a new cabin filter

The cabin filter removes fine dust, pollen, soot and other dirt particles from the air flowing into your car. Bad air makes you tired, irritates the eyes and the respiratory tract. If the air is cleaned, this ensures well-being and reduces the risk of asthma and allergies, especially for people who are allergic to pollen.

Experts recommend changing the cabin filter approximately every 15,000 kilometers or at least once a year. The ADAC repeatedly warns against cheap filters with poor fit and high moisture absorption. We therefore only recommend filters in OEM quality.

Climate inspection or climate disinfection?

Disinfecting the air conditioning will clean your car’s ventilation system. Bacteria, microbes and fungi are removed and unpleasant odors such as nicotine disappear. In this way, the health risk for allergies is stopped and you are safe with fresh air again.

The air conditioning inspection complements the air conditioning disinfection perfectly, which is why we recommend a combination of both services. During the air conditioning inspection, the air conditioning refrigerant is extracted, the system is dried and the refrigerant is refilled. All air conditioning maintenance work is carried out and documented according to the specifications of the automobile manufacturer.

Our promise

Fair prices: Free replacement of missing refrigerant when the air conditioning system is inspected (except for empty systems).
Fair service: Thorough function check of the air conditioning.
Fair work: measurement of system pressure, outflow temperature and cooling capacity for every air conditioning service.